A downloadable game for Windows

Replicator is a cyberfantasy action game that pits you against the Replicator. The Replicator is an unearthly device that spawns cloned omics, undead warrior and demon spirits. The omics are given a physical presence on our plane which is bad news for us. Your job as a neomage, is to find this Replicator and destroy it, killing any omics that get in your way.

You need to use your skill and speed if you are to take them out. Find and destroy the Replicator and find out who the mastermind behind the device is. If you don't, your peaceful citadel and its citizens will be at risk.

You have learned that the device cannot simply be destroyed be shooting at it. Your side-mission will be to collect all the Replicator keys, which contains parts of the nullify code to disable the impervious energy barrier that surrounds it. You will be dropped near the secret entrance of the base.

Good luck, neomage.

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Install instructions

Click on the link below to download the setup file. When the download is complete, click and run the setup program. Follow the screen prompts and install. After the installation is complete, run Replicator from the desktop or the start menu and enjoy.


Replicator_Install 34 MB